Living a healthy lifestyle is not merely a decision but rather a fundamental aspect of our lives. We adopt a holistic approach to health by acknowledging the interconnection of all facets of life.

While it is important to consume pure water, it is equally crucial to maintain good breathing habits, sleep patterns, physical fitness, mental health, consume high-quality food, ensure optimal joint mobility, and the list goes on.

These factors are infinite, and we must prioritize different aspects at different times, depending on our individual needs.

Meet Nick, the founder.

My purpose in life is to help people become healthier and happier while also enjoying the process. I strive to be the best version of myself every day while I have fun with it too.

As a simple guy from a little Italian island named Sardinia, one of the only Five Blue Zones on the planet where people live longer than average, I believe that my purpose is closely connected to my roots.

In 2014, at the age of 21, I moved to Australia by myself with no knowledge of the English language.However, I quickly developed an interest in direct marketing and sales, which motivated me to learn English quickly.

After trying various jobs in that field, I landed a job as a direct marketer for a local water filtration company in Perth, Western Australia, in early 2019. That's when my passion for water and water filtration began.

The water filtration systems I was selling were large and needed to be plumbed in, making it impossible for renters to own one.

Although I was financially content at that time, I knew that if I continued working there, I could only help homeowners.

How did I feel about renters asking me for help? I felt quite frustrated whenever that happened honestly, I couldn't provide them with a solution so what value was I actually giving them? As an empathetic person, I felt their frustration too and it's just not a nice feeling.

Moreover, as a renter myself, I also needed a portable water filtration solution. Therefore, I decided to take action.

Since early 2020, I have studied, researched, and developed some cool portable water filtration solutions that everyone can use, whether they own or rent their homes, whether they live in Australia or anywhere else in the world. Did that come with no challange? Far from it.

So, is water everything I care about? Not at all. If only being healthy required people to consume only great quality water, it would be amazing, yet it is very unrealistic. Health is supported by many pillars, and great water is just one of them. That is why I will never get tired of preaching about the importance of a holistic approach.

Over the past six years, I have dealt with various health issues and have learned that there are many different ways to come back to a healthy self and thrive as a human being. For me personally, the main pillars I had to work on, in order to get better, were Meditation, Breath-work, sleep, Fitness and joints mobility. So, if you think I am passionate about water, wait to hear about the rest.

I don't want to take too much of your time, so I will close this up by saying that I can't wait to help you achieve your best health potential with the solutions I will offer you, that best suit you.

I hope you'll have fun along the way and I guarantee you that my future team and I will be here to support you during your journey."