"Knowing that my kids now shower in cleaner water is so reassuring. My younger daughter already suffered from eczema, so thank god now her super sensitive skin will no longer absorb chlorine, which irritated not only her skin, but all of my 3 kids eyes too. "

- Mia V -

Whole House Water Filters

From $799 - $5.195 INC. GST - Bank Transfer prices - without surcharge

Upgrade your water quality and protect your family's health with our advanced whole house water filtration systems. To determine the best configuration for your needs, click on the "Our Whole house Solutions" button below.

Our Whole house Solutions

"Nick really helped me choose the perfect filtration system for my house after actually listening to me and my needs. He could have sold me the triple house system if he wanted, but advised me that the twin was more than enough for just me and my daughter, saved me money! He has a lot of passion for what he does with water and holistic health in general - inspiring :) "

- Deb D -

Weeup - Filtering Beyond Water

Our solutions actually work and our mission is to help you get healthier and happier. We design our solutions, test them and apply basic chemistry, no B.S. or false claims.