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About the testing session

This is a 45 minutes session with one of our team members who wil run different tests on your tap water.

Unfortunately for the time being this session is only available in the Perth Metro Area.

The Water testing session will include

1) 1 Standard Chlorine Test using DPD tablets + Information about National Standards.

2) Skin Absorption Test (Chlorine Absorption into your skin).

3) Water Hardness Measurement using an electronic TDS meter.

4)  Additional information will be shared with you to help you make sense of the different tests results.

5) Free Tips on how to reduce your, and your family, exposure to the harmful chemicals contained in tap water.

 6) Q&A.

In case at the end of the tests you are interested in a Filtration solution we will also be able to run a quick Demo for you to show you how our filters work so that you can decide wheter to use our filters or not.

Please pay particular attention to the Free Tips our Employee will share with you in case you are not in the financial position to own your own filters. We care about your well-being and we will do our best to help you. Also please follow us on social media, that is where we will often gift our products to those people who cannot afford them, we've all been there, if that sound like you, whe hope to see you there :)

Chlorine's common side effects

From our experience in the field and research, we can list the most common side effects usually associated with chlorine exposure:

- Itchy skin

- Dry skin

- Itchy scalp

- Itchy and burning Eyes

- Dry scalp

- Dandruff

- Dry hair

- Discoloured hair

- Dry and frizzy hair

- Weakened hair strands, making them more prone to breakage

- Lung conditions such as Asthma getting triggered

- Skin conditions such as Eczema getting triggered

Side note: Chlorine's purpose is the one to kill harmful microorganisms in the water supply, but it does not discriminate between harmful and beneficial microorganisms and can have negative effects on human health even at low levels.


After proceeding with your purchase, we will arrange a testing appointment at a convenient time and location for you. To maximize the benefits for your family, we suggest that all members attend the session.


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45-Minute Water Test

45-Minute Water Test

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I'm lucky my husband could smell the chlorine in the water, because I can't, and if wasn't for this test, I would have never believed him.

- Claire T -

Did you know?

When people are asked if they would shower in pool water, the most common answers are: "Why would I do that?" or "No way!"

What they don't know is that, by law, Australian tap water can contain up to 5mg/L of chlorine, which is nearly double the recommended chlorine level for swimming pools (2-3mg/L).

THMs & Chloroform are possibly carcinogenic.