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RO Filter - Hydro

RO Filter - Hydro

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This RO filter, employs a 200G high-flux semi-permeable Reverse Osmosis membrane to separate water molecules from other compounds present in tap water.

Filter Purpose

Here is a summary of the various contaminants that Reverse Osmosis is known to remove from water:

• Total dissolved Solids

• Radioactive contaminants

• Pharmaceuticals

• Perfluorinated chemicals

• Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

• Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs)

• Heavy metals

• Bacteria

• Viruses

• chloramines

• fluoride

• Nitrate

• Pesticides

• Herbicides

• Residual chlorine

• Dissolved minerals

• Organic compounds

• Sulfate

• Phosphate

• Silica

• Personal care products

• Cyanide

• Selenium

• Bicarbonate

• Carbonate

• Turbidity

• Total suspended solids

• Algae/microorganisms

Filter life

It is very hard to guess how long this filter last before it needs replacement.

It really depends from the quality of the water at your location.

To give you a rough idea, since we test our cartridges in Perth WA, we can say that these cartridges last from 1 to 2 years on average.

We also highly recommend that you change this cartridge not beyond the 2yrs mark, regardless of their usage.

Some factors to keep in mind that could effect this filters lifespan are:

1) Water quality at your location (A very high TDS in particular will shorten this filter lifespan).

2) How many people in your household use Hydro.

3) How many litres of water does Hydro filter complessively every day.

4) The raw water temperature which should stay between 5-35°C ( We recommend to fill the raw water tank with cold water since cold water from the tap, has usually a much lower TDS than warm water.)

Installation instructions

Hydro cartridges are really simple to install and you won't need to pay a plumber or service guy to do it for you; you just need to unscrew them counterclockwise to remove them and clockwise to mount them back in.

If you get lost check our video below

Quick Filters Change (Video)

Nick made me taste the water from Hydro and then asked me to taste tap water right after, which I drank till then. I never realised how heavy tap water was and how heavy it tasted in my mouth, he also ran a TDS to give me a visual proof of it (it showed something like 400ppm).

- Matt D -

Keep in mind that this cartridge has a lifespan of 1 to 2yrs on average. (in Perth, WA).